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Stories and triumphs from our volunteers

It's inevitable that when you bring cats and humans together, a certain kind of magic will occur. Please check in frequently to read updates and heartwarming stories from our TLCC volunteers as they bring feline joy to those who need it most!

Scotty had a wonderful time this weekend on his Tenth Life Cat Companions visit to Epworth Children & Family Services! He had his little purr-motor running full-speed for the youth there, and he brought them lots of joy. 
The young people at Epworth told our volunteers that they really wish they could adopt a dorm cat, so the time the TLCC crew does get to spend with them really means a lot. Some of the youth had no idea how much they loved cats until they met our TLCC team. They always ask when we will be back and say "but you just got here!" when it's time to go.
The dorm visited by our volunteers has the highest level of security and care, so these kids have come from some of the most challenging home situations. Some have been at Epworth so long, or in and out so many times, that they remember all the way back to TLCC veterans Gus and Quita as kittens in 2013.
Our volunteers are so glad to be able to bring some fluffy joy and peaceful moments to these youth in need. 


After today's visit, we heard "it was so dear of you to spend time with N- today... he has been in that room for eight years. His wife is such a dear, but N- has very few choices in his life and today he was smiling on a Soul Level! Also, H- at the end of the hall has been in a circular brain pattern for months, and she was present for three cats, and she is usually very unhappy... and she was smiling in her own way today! Thank you for all the blessings!" 

Rachael, the TLCC coordinator also reported, "B- woke up, talked, and ate more than she had all week. She is recovering from surgery and has been very out of it. The cats bring her so much joy." Another woman "doesn't talk much either - we would have never known! Her friend mentioned that it was amazing how certain things could bring her back and cats were one of them."

After a visit to one of our frequented facilities today, we received the following message:
I went to see V- today and the cat people, a lovely nurse and gentleman, were there! The residents were buzzing like bees..they all came out of their rooms and wanted to hold the cats...Your volunteers were fabulous, so kind, and patient...telling stories of the cats...It was heart warming! We need more cats and volunteers please...three cats for twenty people...they will sleep good tonight! They came at eleven, right before lunch, and everyone was smiling and stayed even when lunch was ready...It was a dream come true!!!!! Thank you so much! Rev. Pat"

The Tenth Life Cat Companions never rest! Even on a holiday weekend, the kitties and volunteers make their visits to people who need a little feline cheer and festivity. Independence Day was no exception! How can you NOT smile looking at these adorable kitties and their snazzy ensembles?


This weekend at Tower Grove Manor, Tenth Life Cat Companions volunteers witnessed an important example of how spending time with an animal engages all senses, and that visual impairments don't make an individual any less capable of truly seeing a cat.
At this visit, TLCC volunteers enjoyed time with two very special, sweet cat lovers, both of whom were visually impaired.  At the beginning of the visit, Quita, a fluffy Maine Coone mix, sat between the two ladies.  They asked the volunteers to describe Quita's coloring, and our volunteers described her striking black stripes, orange torbie swirls, and white eyeliner around her eyes.  The women said that she sounded absolutely beautiful.  That wasn't all though-our volunteers told them that she had quite a fluffy tail.  The women both ran their hands down Quita's tail, and we could see the surprise on their faces.  "Wow, what a tail!" one of the women exclaimed.  Quita also donned a little cheerleading outfit for March Madness, which the ladies got quite a kick out of hearing about.

Quita then swapped places with Gus, a big handsome gray companion kitty.  The volunteers again described Gus' physical appearance.  They also mentioned that Gus had an amazingly long tail, measuring in at 15 inches.  The ladies ran their hands down Gus' tail, and they were very impressed by its length!  They also told them that Gus had tall, big ears and feet that almost resembled a rabbit.  One of the women sweetly told Gus, "don't listen to that, Gus!  You don't look like a rabbit.  You're much too handsome."

After Gus had his turn, Cinnamon began playing fetch with the women and a volunteer.  The volunteer would toss the mouse between them, and, when they heard the mouse bounce on the couch, the women would try to snatch it and toss it back to our volunteer before Cinnamon had the chance to grab it.  Cinnamon had such a wonderful time playing fetch with the women that the volunteers had to have her take a break when she started panting!

Clearly not only the women, but also the cats enjoyed spending time with each other.  There is such a special reciprocity between a human and an animal that nothing else can take the place of, and it doesn't take working eyes to see into a kind animal's loving heart.