Ways You Can Help

Thank you for considering becoming a Litter Mate.

Monthly Giving Saves More Lives!

When you join Tenth Life's monthly giving program, the Litter Mates Club, you'll provide crucial medical assistance to the cats in our care and make it possible for us to save even more of the most vulnerable cats and kittens who need our help. 

Your support provides care for cats like our Litter Mates Feline Ambassadors (below). 
While our Litter Mates Feline Ambassadors may spend their entire lives at Tenth Life, we're grateful that they're living the happy, healthy lives they deserve in comfort rather than in a cage or subject to unnecessary euthanasia.

We have found that, in many shelters, cats like our ambassadors are often euthanized to make space for those considered more traditionally adoptable. And it is true that caring for special cats can be costly Thankfully, your support means that these kitties and more will live happily, surrounded by genuine affection, plenty of attention, and excellent medical care. 

Your generosity provides the means for our lifelong residents to receive regular quality medical care, or, in some cases, ongoing support for chronic conditions and allows us to provide excellent veterinary care for other needy cats, as well.


Scroll down to meet our Litter Mates Club Feline Ambassadors and consider a gift of any size today. Thank you!



Forte is a Manx kitty. She has no tail and requires help going to the restroom. But she's also super cute, happy, and fun.




Gallifrey has a Stage 5 ventricular septal defect (VSD). There is a hole in the wall between the ventricles of the heart but his heart is full and he loves to love.



Hippo was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which just means her cerebellum is underdeveloped. Like most kitties with CH, it can be more challenging to walk but it doesn't stop her from ruling the roost.



Tinsel was found as an injured stray. She lost her tail and now she needs a little help relieving herself. She's such a sweet, loving gal that no one minds helping her one bit.


Invest in our future and theirs by making a monthly commitment to sponsor a kitty and virtually adopt them today. Simply choose "monthly" below and let us know which kitty you'd like to sponsor. Thank you! 

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