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Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

There are some myths and misunderstandings surrounding sterilization of pets that people choose to believe. Learn more about those myths, and the facts that dispel them, here. But if you truly love animals, you will have your pet spayed or neutered. What follows are the benefits of this important step in pet companionship.


In a spay procedure for female cats, their reproductive organs are removed.
In a neuter surgery, a male cat’s testicles are removed. Both operations require that the cat be under anesthesia. It usually takes several days for a cat to recover, males more quickly than females.


Spaying and Neutering Benefits Cats!
* The procedure helps cats live longer, healthier lives.
* It decreases the cat’s risk of developing health problems related to the reproductive system.
* Spaying prevents uterine or ovarian cancer and drastically decreases the chance of a female developing breast cancer, especially when spayed before the first estrous cycle.
* Neutering prevents testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease.

Spaying and Neutering Benefits You!
* Kitties are friendlier after being altered.
* Neutered male cats are much less likely to spray and mark territory.
* Spaying eliminates your female cat’s heat cycle. Females in heat can meow and yowl incessantly, act nervously, and attract unwanted male animals.
* Unaltered cats frequently develop more behavior and personality problems than do those who have been altered.
* Spaying and neutering can make cats less likely to bite.

It Benefits the Community!
* Cities and towns spend millions of dollars to deal with homeless pets.
* Animal shelters are inundated with homeless pets.
* Homeless cats and dogs fall into situations where people may not be kind to them.
* Thousands of animals, in our city and state alone, die each year because there are not enough homes for them.

Remember that though the cost of spaying or neutering may seem expensive, you only have to pay it once for a lifetime of benefits. Plus, by doing this for your pet, you are also helping a worldwide problem.

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