All About Cats

Cat Behavior

Those of us who enjoy life with cats know that they can have some wacky, inexplicable behaviors.

Sometimes, their quirks are charming or endearing. Other times, their habits can be downright infuriating. We at Tenth Life are hoping to de-mystify some of the many crazy-seeming things your cat does. Our goal is to help you better understand cats and their quirks, as well as offer strategies for solving unsavory behaviors. We hope you'll find that looking at things from your cat's point of view will deepen your relationship with him and lead to a more harmonious household.

If you have questions that are not answered by the following articles, please feel free to contact our trained Behavior Counselors at 314-808-2454 or

* Aggression amongst cats

* Aggression with humans

* Carrier aversion

* Chewing or sucking on wool or other creatures

* Cord chewing

* Digging in Houseplants

* Jumping up where kitty doesn't belong

* Kitten Care 101

* Litter box problems

* Obsessive grooming

* Scratching inappropriately

* Shy adult cat socialization

* Socializing shy kittens

* Vocalizing (meowing too much)