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What is a fundraising ambassador?  

First things first: Saving lives has never been easier!

This is truly an opportunity to save lives from the comfort of your home with very little effort. We'll explain below what it means to us and how to get started. Still have questions? Email us anytime at

Why should I become an ambassador?

You should consider becoming an ambassador if you're passionate about Tenth Life, adore cats and want to do more to save them with very little effort. 

How much time does it take?

The amount of time you spend is entirely up to you. 

As a Tenth Life Fundraising Ambassador, you can support and further our mission with little more than a computer and a few spare moments.  We'll ask you to share stories and you can write your own or use sample posts that we'll draft.

When you sign up to become a Tenth Life fundraising ambassador, we’ll ask if you want to help with our spring campaign, our fall campaign, or both. Typically, campaigns last 1-2 months with key dates such as kickoff and a major fundraising date. We'll ask that you share a campaign once a week during the campaign, especially on those key dates. All your shares will help to move us closer and closer to our goal. You and others will join forces to make it happen and it could not be easier. 

If you have media contacts or wish to go above and beyond in other ways such as sharing live video or offering a service or item for auctions and raffles, have a fundraising idea you'd like to spearhead, or anything else, we are happy to talk anytime!

What does my involvement accomplish?

Your decision to be a part of the team will help us provide lifesaving veterinary care to cats in need and to pull cats from high-risk, overcrowded, underfunded, or unequipped shelter environments.  For example, some shelters are unable to help injured cats or neonatal kittens. That's where we come in but we need funding to make it possible. That's where you come in!

Your investment of time and energy, whatever the amount and frequency, serves the cats directly and also helps us build capacity for more while still prioritizing those with special needs and injuries who need us most. Together, we will work to end unnecessary euthanasia. 

Why me?

Because you are YOU! That is your super power. There's nobody else like you.

Our greatest successes arise when our generous supporters are willing to share Tenth Life stories with their unique friends and family to help us raise lifesaving funds. Try as we might, we're unable to reach the same audience as you are and your inner circle has the power to make change. When you spread the word to those in your sphere of influence, more people are made aware of the work we're doing and in many cases, they will help us further our mission by giving at whatever level feels good to them. 

How does it work?  

As we mentioned, amongst others, Tenth Life hosts two large fundraising campaigns each year. Project Feline Freedom aims to end unnecessary euthanasia and Hope For The Holidays celebrates and raises funds to help all cats but especially those with special needs and injuries who need us most. 

There are so many ways to help but the easiest is through creating an online fundraising campaign and sharing it with your friends, family, coworkers, and whoever will listen. 

When you sign up below you'll become a member of a team filled with the kindest, most caring humans around. You'll also play critical part in our work to give cats the lives they deserve, help those most needy, and put an end to unnecessary euthanasia.

All that with a few spare moments and a social media account? Easy peasy!

Ready to sign up?  You're awesome!! Thank you!!
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