All About Cats

Part II - Introductions

Take it slowly!

Introduce yourself very slowly. At first, just sit in the same room with the cat. Don’t try to touch him right away – let him come to you when he is ready. Always talk softly and move slowly, as cats do not take well to sudden loud movements. At the beginning of this process, soft talking can be more soothing than petting. 

When the cat seems comfortable with you just being in the room, hold out your hand, palm down and relaxed, and let the cat smell you thoroughly. If the cat approaches and seems interested, hold your position and speak to the cat softly. Begin by gently stroking the top of your cat’s head and cheeks. Watch body language carefully!! If at any point, the cat backs away and/or hisses or swats, you have gone too far. Give him the freedom to leave when he wants to, and never grab him or try to pull him onto your lap before he is ready.

Do not be surprised or discouraged if the cat shows NO interest in approaching you. Try the next few steps to create positive associations.

Now you're ready for Part III - Create Positive Experiences with Food!