Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team! 

Thank you for becoming a Tenth Life Ambassador and giving cats the lives they deserve! 

We are so humbled and grateful that you're here. Below you'll find everything you need to get started. 

Step 1: Begin by bookmarking our Fundraising Ambassador Manual to learn about our mission and for a quick read about your role and expectations as an ambassador. 

Step 2: Select the campaign you've chosen to support below and begin by putting key dates on your calendar. No worries. We'll remind you and we'll be here to support you.

A. Project Feline Freedom Ambassador Guide (Spring Campaign)

B. Hope For The Holidays Ambassador Guide (Fall Campaign) COMING SOON!

Thanks again for taking this step. As a valued member of the team, anytime you need us, you can reach us at

Tenth Life. When nine aren't enough.