Meet Selkie!

This special, silly kitten will warm your heart.

Upon her birth in May to a stray mom, it quickly became apparent that Selkie was different from her siblings as she did not use her legs in the same way. It was soon determined that she'd been born with skeletal and muscular abnormalities which prevent her from feeling or using her hind legs. Despite this anatomical anomaly, she has absolutely no clue whatsoever that she's not your typical kitten. In fact, in every other way, she very much is!

Scooting about like a little seal, using her front paws to move her along, Selkie is swift and playful, bringing all the energy you'd expect from a kitten her age. You'll frequently find her chasing the bigger kitties around like the fierce baby bear that she is. As she grows, we believe she'll be an excellent candidate for a wheeled cart and we can't wait to see her tenacity in action when that day comes. This gal really knows how to chase a string toy!

Selkie sports a diaper because she will often accidentally express her bladder while playing. However, she's unable to completely empty her bladder on her own. Therefore, this sweet cutie's in search if a very special person to help her with this simple but important process at least twice a day.

More than anything, though, Selkie seeks a person who's ready to love her exactly as she is and has a little extra time to give her the care she needs.Selkie would do very well in a home with other calm, relaxed kitties. With some patience, we suspect that she would also thrive in a home with calm dogs.

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