Meet Mira

It's impossible to not notice and admire the lovely Mira! This beautiful long-haired female has quite the long body and a luxurious thick coat that will not be ignored.

You wouldn't believe it today, but when Mira was rescued, she was underweight and quite lethargic. It was obvious that she had experienced a tough life, but with gentle, caring syringe feeding and tender loving care in her foster home, she has made a full recovery. These days, Mira doesn't hesitate to let you know when she’s hungry!

Now that her health and appetite are restored, this demure young lady is seeking her forever home. The petite princess stuns not only with her gorgeous long coat but also very expressive green eyes! Her foster parents describe her build as reminiscent of a dachshund’s with a long, lean body and "cute little legs."

Mira is shy around other cats, and would likely fare best in a single-pet household. She delights in head rubs and back scratching, and loves to curl up at her foster parents’ feet while they work. (Winter bonus!) Mira will take a little time to warm up to new faces, but she is ready to be your loving companion!

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